Getting Started

Taking Action
Find out more by calling or sending us an email to book your complimentary, 20-minute session. Be sure to let us know some times (day and/or evening), and a day or days when you are available.

We serve residents of Ontario only.

Phone: (289) 638-8699

When we receive your call or email we will respond with a couple of proposed times. It’s that simple to start.

The Technology You Need on Your End for Online Counselling

  • A reliable computer.
  • To have the best audio and video experience with our counselling platform any one of the browsers below will work well. Which ever one you have please update to the most current version.
    – Google Chrome (Recommended)
    – Firefox Mozilla
    – Safari 11 or higher for macOS
    – Safari on iOS11 (or higher)
    – Opera
    – **Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported.
  • A webcam: this can be an external webcam, or the one built into your laptop or monitor.
  • A microphone: often these are built into your laptop. Sometimes an external web cam will also have a built-in mic.
  • Speakers: however we do recommend ear buds, or head phones. This helps to keep your business private and can often make it easier for you to hear.
  • An Internet connection: a good WiFi, or a wired connection. During our first call we will also talk about WiFi security to help with privacy on your end.

The Space You Need on Your End for Online Counselling

A quiet, private place, with minimal interruptions. Simply closing your door at the office is not recommended. However, if home is not safe for you, or quiet enough, then we can talk about options when you reach out.

We do not conduct sessions while you are driving, in coffee shops, or in other public spaces. There are too many safety and privacy concerns.

We do not conduct sessions in crisis situations. Part of what we discuss during our first session is finding local crisis resources for you.

Your space also needs to be comfortable, but not too comfortable! We recommend a chair and a table, rather than a couch or easy chair. You want to be at ease and also able to breathe deeply and expansively.

A bit more on the physical set up . . . ideally your webcam is approximately eye level. Your words are important, and equally important is what your body and posture are saying. Raising your webcam up a bit makes this easier. Raising your webcam is also more comfortable, you are not all hunched over. You could lift your notebook using a box, phone book (are they still around?), or anything else like that.

What about Fees?
We work on a sliding scale from $170/hr to $85/hr. (plus HST).
The scale is based on household income and the number of people that income is supporting. We will talk about the sliding scale during our complimentary, 20-minute session.

That’s Pretty Much It
Online counselling is a great and effective way to get the help you need. Let’s Talk.