Session-at-a-Time Counselling

Therapy when you need it, which for most people seeking counselling is now. Our Session-at-a-Time Counselling service gets you in quickly. We are not a walk-in service, but when you reach out we will schedule your session as quickly as we can.

People are time challenged. Our Session-at-a-Time Counselling is an online service. This means no travel time, no sitting in a waiting room. At your appointment time you log in, and an hour later, you log off. Simple.

Session-at-a-Time also goes by other names (single session counselling, single session therapy). It is a complete session of counselling with a beginning, a middle, and an end. And yes, you can come back. That’s why we prefer to call this service, Session-at-a-Time Counselling. This is counselling one hour at a time. There are no requirements beyond that.

Times are Tough

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected people’s mental health. A report by Mental Health Research Canada shows that anxiety and depression levels experienced by Canadians are seriously high, and have remained so since the outbreak. Levels of anxiety have quadrupled and levels of depression have doubled over pre-pandemic levels.

Social isolation is challenging. This is especially troublesome as we head into colder weather. This holiday season will be different; our gatherings will be smaller, and extended family gatherings will likely be unavailable to us. There are also the economic challenges, reductions in paid hours, job losses, businesses and business owners at risk.

John is a successful consultant. He arrived at Beach Grove Counselling saying he was “up to his neck and barely staying afloat”. His personal life was “challenging”, and his work life a “disaster”. John said he felt useless, that he could not get anything started, or if he did, he couldn’t find the energy to finish what took enormous energy to get started in the first place. He was exhausted.

You are looking for a break from the worry. A bit of peace while you collect your thoughts. A walk along a river bank perhaps, as you talk with some who is actually listening to you. A safe place where you can start working all this through.

Mental Health Awareness

Organizations like the Canadian Mental Health Association ask us to pause and explore our mental health. These are important, often critical messages to heed. You might be only too aware of what’s going on with you. For some the physical discomfort, or pain being felt, are daily reminders of what you are experiencing, such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, grief or loss. Financial loss and workplace changes take their toll physically and mentally as well.

You might be finding that daily decisions are difficult, what used to be routine is now challenging. There’s this feeling that something is blocking you. You might be putting things off for no discernible reason, yet this putting-off is creating worry and daily stress. Something is not feeling quite right.

There might be issues that you know are affecting your mental health, and you feel have been for some time.

Jennifer is a teacher facing an important career decision. She said the could not figure out what to do. (It is not surprising, K-12 teachers have experienced a 500% increase in high levels of anxiety compared to pre-covid levels.) Jennifer articulated the pros and cons of her decision, yet said she mistrusted herself and kept going over her analysis. Over the course of our session the differences in how she spoke about her options became clearer. When we talked about that Jennifer was surprised, and then observed that she could feel the differences in her body. She sent an email a few days after the session saying her choice was clear to her.

Now is Your Chance

You can start. Speaking with a counsellor does not have to be a big commitment. You feel ready, and want to speak with someone now.

Sounds Interesting, Please Tell Me a Little More

Session-at-a-Time Counselling is evidence-based, and has decades of clinical use. The framework for Session-at-a-Time Counselling is a complete therapeutic offering contained in one session. These sessions are planned for maximum therapeutic effect. The session design is focused on creating a therapeutic process that continues after the session has concluded. This therapeutic process links naturally to any subsequent sessions.

Some people discover that a single session of counselling is all they need. Around 50%-60% of people find one session sufficient to continue their therapeutic process on their own. Others want the comfort and flexibility of knowing they can book another session. Session-at-a-time counselling is a form of brief therapy.

Yes, you still have the option of longer-term counselling, your choice depends on your preferences and needs. Simply reach out to see if Beach Grove Counselling is the calm, safe place you are seeking.

I am Ready for Session-at-a-Time Counselling. Okay, it is easy to get started, just call or email to set up an appointment.