Session-at-a-Time Counselling

Single Session Counselling When You Need It

You’re ready. You want to speak with someone now. We can help.

Our Session-at-a-Time Counselling service gets you in quickly. We are not a walk-in service, but we do respond to your initial call or email and make arrangements to schedule your session as quickly as we can.

Session-at-a-time counselling also goes by other names (single session counselling, single session therapy). As these terms suggest, it is a single, complete session of counselling. However, that does not mean you cannot come back! That’s why we prefer to call this service, Session-at-a-Time Counselling.

This is counselling one hour at a time. There are no requirements beyond that.

How Does It Work?

Session-at-a-Time Counselling is evidence-based, and has decades of clinical use. It is therapy when you need it, which for most people seeking counselling is now.

The framework for Session-at-a-Time Counselling is that of a complete therapeutic offering contained in one session. An important component here is the idea that these session are planned, i.e. the purpose of each session is to ensure maximum therapeutic effect. Each session is designed to specifically create a therapeutic process that continues after the session has concluded. This therapeutic process links naturally to any subsequent session(s).

Some people find that a single session of counselling is all they need. There is a general range of such results found in the research literature globally. Around 50%-60% of people find one session sufficient to continue their therapeutic process on their own. Others want the comfort and flexibility of knowing they can book another single session. Of course, you still have the option of longer-term counselling as well, your choice depends on your preferences and needs.

How Do I Get Going With Session-at-a-Time Counselling?

That’s simple too, just call or email to set up an appointment.