• What about Fees?
  • Do you work with couples and can couples counselling be done online?
  • Does Online Counselling | Distance Therapy | Telemental Health Work?
  • Is Online Counselling Right for Me?
  • What are the Benefits of Online Counselling?
What about Fees?

We work on a sliding scale from $170/hr to $85/hr. (plus HST).
The scale is based on household income and the number of people that income is supporting. We will talk about the sliding scale during our complimentary, 20-minute session.

Do you work with couples and can couples counselling be done online?

Yes to both those questions. Couples counselling is done online. The benefits of online counselling make it easier for busy couples to get access to counselling.

Does Online Counselling | Distance Therapy | Telemental Health Work?

The short answer is: Yes.
Distance therapy and face-to-face therapy provide similar therapeutic benefits. Please have a look at our Resources page for the TeleMental Health Institute’s Bibiliography, a rich compendium of reference material on this topic.

This doesn’t mean online counselling generally is guaranteed to work of course. It may be that once you try it you really like it, or maybe not. It might not be right for you. There is an FAQ on that question “Is Online Counselling Right for Me?”

But before we leave this question of distance vs face-to-face let’s revisit what contributes to therapeutic outcomes. Generally, it looks like this:

40% of the contribution to positive therapeutic outcomes are extratherapeutic factors (strengths that the client brings), Plus
30% is due to the quality and strength of the relationship between client and therapist (that’s you and me!), Plus
15% is due to the client’s belief in change (we’re talking about Hope), Plus
15% relates to the specific techniques used by the therapist.

Those are exciting numbers and you can see that you are central to your own success.

Is Online Counselling Right for Me?

Who is not right for Online Counselling.
Not for clients with serious mental illness, including serious depression, suicidality (suicide ideation), impulse control, panic attacks, or violent tendencies.
May not be suitable if you don’t have good language and technology skills.
May not be suitable for the elderly or those with physical disabilities.
May not be useful for high-need clients or those with complex symptoms.
You may just not like it.

Who is right for Online Counselling?
Grief and loss, career counselling, mild to moderate mental health issues, anxiety, stress, and depression. There are other needs too that are good for online counselling (couples, relationship, etc.).
You are comfortable using your computer, can access the webcam, and you can use the voice and video features of your computer.
You have a good internet connection, strong WiFi, or you are wired in.
You have a place where you can talk privately, with few distractions.
You have access to your local crisis support lines and other local resources.

What are the Benefits of Online Counselling?

Well, there are several!
It’s convenient.
Easy to access the service (technology matters addressed of course).
Great for remote or rural locations!
Privacy, no going into or waiting inside a clinic.
Reduced stigma.
Some find it easier to open up and allow themselves to be vulnerable.
No transportation costs.
Avoid travel and weather.
Fits easily into your schedule.