Online Counselling | Distance Therapy | Teletherapy | Telemental Health

These terms generally mean the same thing, using technology to meet and work with a mental health professional. Beach Grove Counselling is an online counselling service. We work with adults, individuals and couples, who are experiencing:

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Anxiety, stress and depression are common these days. They can keep you from enjoying even the simplest routines of daily life. Anxiety, stress and depression can also be outcomes of grief, loss, and work disruption. Levels of anxiety and stress are on the rise in our society and often your personal experience can be difficult to identify; sleepless nights, sweating, sometimes difficulty speaking can all be associated with anxiety and stress.

Depression can be like a heavy, lead-filled blanket placed over your whole body. It can weight you down to the point where it can be a struggle to lift an arm. It can block the light so that all seems dark. Getting up to open a curtain can take all you have.

Grief and loss

Grief is loss of a loved one to death. Such a loss can leave you feeling depressed, remorseful, frightened, and abandoned. Grief can bring on anger at the ones we’ve lost “How could they leave me now!” Death of a loved one can also create feelings of confidence and optimism alongside guilt, a bewildering emotional state.

We suffer from other kinds of losses as well; divorce or separation, alienation or estrangement from family, friends, or your community can leave you alone, feeling discouraged and rejected. These losses can be deeply troubling because we are not necessarily physically outside of these communities. You can be among other people and still be alone. Being isolated from your historical and cultural roots can make you feel disgraced and worthless.

Work Disruption, Job Loss, and Career Decisions

Our work lives are a part of us. The loss of your job or career can have you feeling humiliated, scornful of yourself, and helpless. Job loss, or a stalled career makes you question your value and can rob you of purpose and meaning.

Work disruption can have similar effects, as what was once commonplace suddenly becomes unknown and uncertain. Changes in working environments, especially when you have no say in the matter, can make us feel powerless and without any control over our lives.

As a business owner you pour your heart and soul into your enterprise. When your business is at risk, your physical and mental health can be as well. It can seem like everything is on the line. More hours at the office, less time at home, the stress is constantly present, almost as if it is infecting every part of your life.

We face career decisions all through life. You might be trying decide between two attractive options. You might be at a crossroad in your career. Or you might seem to be totally out of options, and cannot see any way ahead.

You want somebody to talk to. It would be great to have someone listen to you, without judgement, so you can work through what’s happening. You want to be good again, reengage with your own life, get some personal control back, be your own person, engage with others, have purpose, and live life fully.

With the right helper you feel it’s possible.

This is where Beach Grove Counselling comes in. Together, we can work towards what’s important to you. We are an online counselling service for people in Ontario. We use secure video so we can see one another and be together. Convenient, no travel, safe.

With daytime and evening hours we have your schedule in mind. For technology all you need is a computer, a webcam and headphones (ideally).

You can have a look at our Getting Started page, or reach out directly to book your complimentary, 20-minute, introductory session. Online counselling fits easily into your schedule.

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